Another great review from the popular site, Cypriot and Proud. Thanks for the vote of confidence. 

"While writing this I am thinking I probably should have written about this place a lot earlier. Why haven’t I? God knows. I first visited Moondogs around 6-7 months ago on a casual spring evening and then I completely forgot about it. Having said that I really shouldn’t have. It is a one-of-a-kind place in a lot of aspects. It is the only proper sports bar and pub in the city – meaning, it is not a pub that shows sports, but a sports bar. It is also one of the few proper “American joints”. Think of a revamped TGI Friday kind of menu appropriate for an older age group. Moondog is where “Seven” cafe/restaurant used to be which seems to have worked quite well as it seems to attract a lot of Nicosians since its opening.... 

...If you want good food in a lively environment (even if you don’t watch a lot of sports) it is worth a visit."

Πηγή: Cypriot and Proud