We are so excited to announce a fresh new menu.
Every care has been taken to bring The Moondog’s Policies into the menu too!

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New dishes on the menu include:

  1. California Burger Roll - Tortilla wrap with minced beef, cucumber, ginger pickles, cream cheese, green salad, garnished with coleslaw, chives, ginger and sweet chili sauce.

  2. PRAWNS Pesto Saganaki - Marinated prawns with rosemary, oven-baked with gouda cheese.

  3. Ginger Falafel - Falafel served on a bed of green salad with light tahini sauce.

  4. Fennel & Prosecco Mussels - Steamed mussels with fennel, prosecco wine sauce and

    fresh coriander. Served with fries and pita bread.

  5. Surf & Turf - Prawns with turmeric marinated and a variety of aromatic spices, served with tomato, lettuce and ranch sauce.

  6. TRUFFLE Burger - With black truffle cream sauce and fried crispy onions flakes.

  7. Whisky In Thee jar - With bacon marmalade and Glenfiddich whisky sauce, topped up with melted cheese in the jar.

  8. The Viking New Of 6th Avenue - With cheddar cheese, pickled gherkin, caramelized onions, tomato and lettuce with a whole spicy sausage and mustard on top of the bun.

  9. Smoked Pulled Pork - Beer marinated pulled pork with gouda cheese and crispy onion rings, served with tomato, lettuce and ranch sauce.

  10. Chicken Avocado - Homemade chicken burger served with fresh avocado, with fresh salad, fresh onions, tomato and lettuce.

  11. Quinoa black bean Veggie burger - Our homemade burger made from quinoa, carrot, oats, zucchini, chickpeas, cooked fresh onion, sweet corn and sweet potato, served in whole grain bread with tahini sauce, lettuce and tomato.

  12. Grilled apple cider salmon - Grilled salmon fillet with apple cider syrup, served with grilled vegetables and wild rice.

  13. French Connection - Oats bagel roll with smoked salmon, light fresh cream cheese, lettuce and caper, served with fresh green quinoa salad.

  14. Taco Di polpo - Marinated octopus in a crispy tortilla with avocado, onions, tomato, fresh coriander and lettuce, served with fresh lime slices.

  15. Apple Cider Quinoa Salad - Fresh green salad with green and red cabbage, quinoa, carrot, cranberries, cashew nuts, topped with fresh mint and apple cider sauce.

  16. Black Angus Cowboy (Beef Cuts)

  17. Pulled Pork Tacos - Tacos filled up with smoked pulled pork, guacamole and fresh onion, served with fries and coleslaw.

  18. Chicken Caesar Salad

  19. Red Rose Goat Cheese Salad

  20. Octopus Carpaccio - Thinly sliced octopus and smoked salmon on a bed of green salad, served with ginger pickles and cherry tomatoes.

  21. Risotto Pescadora (Pasta)

  22. Chicken Lemon & Artichoke Linguini (pasta)

  23. Fererro Rooche

  24. Gelato Carrot Cake

  25. Italian Job (ice cream)

With the new menu we wanted to capture our innovative fun spirit and the evolving tastes and dietary needs of our customers, while staying true to our authentic, roots.

We hope you enjoy it!