Dear Friends

With live@moondog’s we will aim to give the opportunity to musicians to perform live at our popular venue. The stage will be set twice a month and the musicians invited will get the chance to perform in front of a warm audience which also shares our passion for good music and great performances. The focus of live@moondog’s will be on more of acoustic and/or experimental style (excluding full band performances - for now).

We know there is so much talent out there and we really hope that we can create the scene for people who have something to show, so come on and show us your talent. We don't care if you are young or old, male or female, we are only here for the music.

We do have some simple guidelines in an effort to build a balanced concept.

Guidelines for Artist(s)

  • Genre must be rock related but open to all genres and sub-genres of rock.

  • Maximum 3 persons for each act.

  • Music can be original, album covers or a combination of both.

  • No Drums (sorry!).

  • The duration of each live act must not be less than 2 hours and 30 minutes.

What we are offering

  • Moondog’s will pay a performance fee for each act and will also cover for food and drinks for each member.

  • There will be no cover charge at the door, as our target is to get as many people to come and listen.

  • Exposure: Moondog’s will create promo flyers and advertise each performing act on our popular facebook page (16k+ likes) (, our website (, through 20+ screens at our venue and other advertising media.

Your info

Please fill in your information in the form below to get on the list.

We will review your submission and we’ll contact you when possible to schedule each performance. Please keep in mind that the list could be long and sometimes it will take some time to schedule everyone, but we will try to get in touch with everybody well in advance. Our target is to give an opportunity to as many people as possible.

 We are really looking forward to seeing your submissions and we can't wait to see you live @ Moondog’s.

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Fees and Comments

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2. if you encounter problems with adding websites, pages etC, please include them in the commentS section at the bottom of this application form